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Rise of Exar Kun

(Notice, I’m not following the Star Wars storyline, nor the Time Line. I’m creating just about everything on the fly with this campaign.)

The Republic lies on the brink of destruction after the Hyperspace Wars. The Outer Rim is picking up the pieces after the invasion of The Sith Empire. The Jedi Counsel is trying to rebuild as well after many Jedi either died in the war, or left the Order to seek the power of the Dark Side. One such Jedi was Exar Kun.

Kun was a brash and headstrong young Knight. He was impatient with the teachings of his master, and thought he was able to learn the secrets of the Dark Side without falling to it. After finding a Sith Holocron, he began to learn from it, and eventually left the Order. Now he seeks to finish what the Sith had started a few short years ago, and only a small strikeforce is the Galaxy’s, and the Republic’s only hope.

Home Page

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